Residential Mortgage Solutions is both a licensed mortgage lender and broker in several states. We specialize in originating first and second conforming and non-conforming mortgage loans. Some companies can talk about customer service but here at Residential & Fresh Start Mortgage Solutions we deliver it, loan after loan!

My name is Barry Diggins, President of Residential Mortgage Solutions. As a 30-year industry veteran, I have always insisted that our reputation in the marketplace be solely catered around the intentions of the client. The individual needs and financial goals of every customer are always the number priority for my team to assess- looking to save you money with every refinance or get you into that dream house you’ve always wanted. As a self-employed business owner, each customer that we choose to do business with is a true gauge of our success, & this philosophy is reflective of the vast number of referrals we receive month after month from our clients.

    At Residential Mortgage, our team members have been instructed to make decisions based off of two simple values. Is your loan recommendation in your best interest, and would you make the same decision for you and your family. If you choose to do business with our company, my team and I will go the extra mile to educate, communicate, and streamline the mortgage process to ensure a smooth transaction from start to finish. I personally guarantee it. At RMS, we hope to be your lender for life.